Straightforward Support. Seed To Storage. 



Farmers want to raise clean food and run good businesses. Conventional markets have sunk below the cost of production and farmers are discouraged. 

We understand and have a full-cycle plan to make the easy and profitable switch to organic production. We have raised certified organic row crops for 20+ years. With organics, the family farm thrives. 

We advise and train on: planning, storage, seed selection, equipment, pest and weed management, best practices, risk management, technology, USDA organic certification  and marketing. 




JOE Fitzgerald 

Joe has raised organic crops since 1994. He has helped convert multiple operations and mentor young and transitioning farmers locally and through the Midwest Organic Sustainability and Education Service (MOSES) program. Joe has partnered with Iowa State University and University of Minnesota to lead field days and served as a panelist at organic conferences in Minnesota. Joe is committed to sharing his lifetime of experiences with others.


Matthew Fitzgerald

Matthew grew up on his family's organic farm and has been a partner over the last several years.  Matthew has helped diversify crop rotations and implement new technology into the operations. He is also a certified organic inspector with the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA). Matthew is excited about the future of farming and working to support the next generation.